Bradford Cross Rail Working Group – Majority Report

BradfordIt is here! The majority report from the Bradford Cross Rail Working Group.

The Cross Rail Link Scrutiny Report will be presented the Regeneration, Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 27th October at 5:30pm in City Hall.

We hope you will all be able to attend.


Bradford Cross Rail

Following a packed scrutiny committee meeting of Bradford Council’s regeneration committee.

We have some excellent news to announce at our next meeting on Monday 7th. (7.30pm, Bradford VCS, Bridge Road, Bradford).

Apperley Bridge Railway Station Approved

Bradford Council has approved planning permission for Apperley Bridge railway station. The station is to be built on the Aire Valley line and will have services between Leeds, Shipley, Frizinghall and Bradford Forster Square. There will be 300 car parking spaces at the site. Final planning permission will need to be approved by the Government as the station is within the greenbelt.

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Jam Today – and jams tomorrow!

The Telegraph and Argus have an article (here) about the plans Bradford Council are drawing up in case a  sledgehammer is taken to the Local Transport Plan to help reduce government spending.

This however is surely the wrong thing to be doing in the long-term interests of Bradford and the wider “City Region”.

BRUG’s immediate worry is surely that of the funding for Low Moor railway station.

Is Bradford Council drawing up plans to request more money as well? – Just in case an idea they suggest that might actually resonate with the Department of Transport and they think “Actually that is a good idea, let’s fund it”.

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