Jam Today – and jams tomorrow!

The Telegraph and Argus have an article (here) about the plans Bradford Council are drawing up in case a  sledgehammer is taken to the Local Transport Plan to help reduce government spending.

This however is surely the wrong thing to be doing in the long-term interests of Bradford and the wider “City Region”.

BRUG’s immediate worry is surely that of the funding for Low Moor railway station.

Is Bradford Council drawing up plans to request more money as well? – Just in case an idea they suggest that might actually resonate with the Department of Transport and they think “Actually that is a good idea, let’s fund it”.

Here are a few ideas they might want to try:

  • Linking the two Bradford railways
  • Earlier and later running times of trains and buses
  • Electric trains between Leeds and Halifax – eventually Manchester Victoria
  • Bus franchising (setting service levels, and minimum standards)
  • Changes to the planning system to ensure public transport access and limits on development out of town and dealing effectively with delerict property in the city (land-banking).

Coming out of a recession doesn’t have to mean cutting everything, strategic spending on infrastructure that will last far beyond this  growth period is well worth the investment.

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