Low Moor – update

A quick update about Low Moor railway station.

The station is due to open within the December 2015 timetable. For non-rail experts that means it will open between 13th December 2015 and 14th May 2016.

Whilst this is a bit window of time, it is highly likely the station will open in January 2016.

The group is working closely with the Friends of Low Moor Station, local councillors and WYCA and others to ensure the station is opened as soon as possible.

BRUG and FOLMS will be hosting a stand at the Woodlands Cricket Club gala on Sunday 26th July talking to local residents about the new station. We hope to see you there!


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  1. Hi there
    Just wondering what is latest on low Moor station. I watch with interest. I live in low Moor on common Road. It would be nice to see this project completed and would be fantastic for low Moor.
    Yours kindly

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