January 2013 Fair rises

The Department for Transport will allow train operators to raise fares by inflation (RPI) plus 3%. This could lead to fare rises of 6.2%.

Northern Rail and Metro will now work together to agree how the rise will be distributed across the fare structure.

BRUG will be contacting both organisations to campaign for a minimum increase following several years of doubled-up fare rises: RPI +3% + WY premium [BBC] which lead to a 10% fare rise last year.

The next meeting of BRUG is listed here.


Arriva to be bought by Deutsche Bahn

BBC News is reporting that the Deutsche Bahn is likely finalise a deal to purchase Arriva. The deal will be subject to Competition Investigation.
DB Operate the Wrexham and Shropshire Railway and Chiltern and the former EWS freight operator, Tyne and Wear Metro, London Overground. Arriva operate Arriva Trains Wales, Cross Country

Huddersfield Area Signalling Delays

Due to a signalling problem in the Huddersfield area, train services are delayed by upto 20 minutes.
Transpennine and services between Ravensthorpe and Marsden are mainly affected

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