Exciting Meeting: Monday 7th September @ 7.30pm

The Bradford Rail Users Group will be having a meeting on the 7th September (7.30pm @ Bradford Community Voluntary Services Group).

The meeting will be discussing a series of proposals regarding a Cross Bradford Rail transport scheme, with short speeches for both Heavy Rail (normal trains) and light rail (trams). Everyone is welcome to come, listen and to make their views heard, the vote that will follow will become the policy of future campaigning for Cross-Bradford Rail.

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Ravensthorpe Railway Station

After reading this document regarding Urban Eco Settlements for the new Leeds City Region.

On page 37 it states that Ravensthorpe station be undergoing over £1.5 million of improvements.

Perhaps it linking Ravensthorpe upto a new Low Moor station with lightrail will improve this small station, improve links to Bradford and provide for developments across Spen-Valley.

A light rail development along the Spen-Valley greenway is in the other campaigns section

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