Low Moor

BRUG have been actively campaigning for the re-opening of Low Moor railway station since 2000.

Following the completion of alterations to the Mill Lane Junction outside the Bradford Interchange, the timetable now provides enough time for services to stop at Low Moor.

WYITA have gone and found the money required from Regional Funding Allocation of the WY LTP. (Or: They found the money from another source). They believe that they will be able to have the station operational by 2012!

Low Moor Station will have 2 trains per hour in each direction. from Leeds -> Halifax – 1 train continuing to Manchester Victoria, 1 train to Wakefield.

WY Metro’s Low Moor Information: here

WYITA Stressing Committment to Low Moor (item 11): here

Awaiting the RTB report: here 14/01/09

WYITA Funding Agreed: here 03/06/09


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