Cross Rail Progress

This month has seen two highly productive Cross Rail meetings in Bradford. Come along to the next BRUG meeting (October 4th), to find out more. – Progress is being made!

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  1. Why does it seem though that the more meetings their are the more the whole thing drags and the less seems to get done?

    • The problem with progress is convincing the right people, keeping them convinced and then going to get the money.
      The Cross Rail project was stalled in 1914 due to the first world war, after that is was stalled by Midland Railway and London NER not coming to a compromise.
      The project was delayed further by moving Exchange station further from the city-centre, and the move of Forster Square to its current location.
      This is a very, very long process, but eventually, we believe that the arguements for Cross Rail will win through. It does however take time and effort.

      (Apologies for not authorising the comment much, much earlier).

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