East Coast Branding / Northern Short Trains!

£330,000 to rebrand “East Coast” –

In a Freedom of Information request lodged with the Department of Transport, it was revealed that the cost of re-branding from National Express East Coast, to “East Coast” was £634,842.17 National Express paid 46% of the cost. East Coast (the tax payer / Department for Transport) paid the remaining £339,189.67

The proper name for the head-rest cloth on a train is called Antimacassar. – And they cost £2756.37 to replace. (Learn something new every-day).

Short Cramped Trains!

There are contractual obligations on some (not all) rail franchisees regarding “Short Formations“, i.e. running 2 carriages when the operator is under contract to operate 3 or 4 carriages.

Most obligated operators have been recorded operating short formations less than 1% of the time (That is still a lot of trains!). Northern Rail appears to be the worst offender at 4.59% of trains had fewer carriages than should have been.

We are currently awaiting a breakdown of figures from Northern Rail to see exactly how this affects Bradford and West Yorkshire. This page will be updated when it is received.

* For reference BRUG did not submit these FOI requests. They are freely available on the DfT Website.

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