Problems on the Airedale line

Commuters between Shipley and Skipton suffered long delays this morning due to a broken down train near Bingley.

Many commuters expressed their frustration at not being provided timely information: – Read more for quotes

I spoke to one commuter in Saltaire:

“They kept saying the train to skipton will be delayed by 10 minutes then no train, then the next announcement for the next train saying train to skipton will be delayed by 15 minutes etc etc so people were waiting over an hour thinking the train would turn up any minute, and then just before 8ish they announced the train that had broken down is causing major disruption and last minute cancellations and that 4 replacement coaches would be leaving Shipley at 8:15 as there will be no trains until at least 9:30 and the coaches would be stopping at all stations along the way. There was 50+ people stood there waiting for these coaches and they never turned up. So I caught and paid for a normal bus… I later found out from a work colleague that he got on one of those 4 coaches at Shipley and just after leaving Shipley the driver asked them if anyone needed to get off at Saltaire, they said no so he kept driving and didn’t bother stopping at Saltaire, not thinking about the people that needed picking up.”

Others stated that some trains had travelled down the “Up” track (the Leeds bound platform) but didn’t stop at Saltaire.

Telegraph and Argus article.

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