Low Moor Station – On Track – But Late

WYITABreaking News: Low Moor railway station has been saved in WYITA’s development plan, following a meeting of the executive this morning.
However it is not planned to be built until 2013/14.

BRUG congratulates WYITA for choosing to save Low Moor from amongst the other schemes and hopes that funding can be confirmed following the comprehensive spending review.

T&A Article available here.


Low Moor station – Back On! (Possibly)

WYITAWYITA is meeting on Friday 30th July to discuss a number of funding options, due to the planned shortfall in central government money.

Therefore WYITA’s spending plans have been rationalised …. and Low Moor is still on the plan! The station is estimated to cost of £5.5million based on their figures.

Metro may still be proved right about 2012 completion date for opening the station.


This could come crashing down in the Autumn with the Government’s comprehensive spending review, when all schemes are to be re-evaluated.

BRUG will continue to lobby both local and national government for the funds to bring this major transport improvement to Low Moor.

Cllr Pennington on Radio Leeds.

BBC Radio Leeds.Cllr Pennington has been speaking on Radio Leeds today (26/07/10) talking to Steve Bailey about the plans for an across Bradford rail link.

BRUG remain confident the Cross Rail plan is deliverable and affordable.

Cross-Rail Aerial map

Where would the Cross Rail line go?

Have a look at the Google aerial map here

Cross Rail – Feasible!

Mr Mac Ruairi

As we already knew, the regeneration department, led by Mr Mac Ruairi, have finally stated that Cross Rail is feasible!

Though it is also expensive, (we knew that), and there is no money (again, we knew that)

We were told that we needed to concentrate on Westfield, – we agree but Westfield would be in a better position with Cross Rail than without.

BRUG is continuing to campaign for the Cross Rail link. The link will provide fresh transport opportunities and real regeneration. Much better than a water pool.

Next meeting 2nd August 2010.

Repealing Laws

One of the many laws suggested from removal on the “Your Freedom” website calls for the repeal of the Railway (Electrical Power) Act 1903. View details here.

The removal of this law would remove a number of legal hurdles that “technically” exist that limit the speed of conversion and installation of electrical traction to the railways.

Railways should be electrified and should be planned to include electrification in the plans for all lines, removing the need for a public enquiry at each possible electrification site.

This law creates an unnecessary burden on rail operators and the government and should be repealed.

Low Moor Station for Government

The Government met at Odsal Stadium earlier this week, it would be have great if they had arrived by train at Low Moor and walked up through the industrial village up-to the station. Visiting local businesses along the way.

Instead the station isn’t built, planned finances are in trouble and the town remains languishing.

Low Moor needs the railway station as much if not more than the promised improvements to broadband internet access promised to residents by the Prime Minister.

Apperley Bridge, Kirkstall Forge, Low Moor: On hold?

Planning permission for Apperley bridge has been approved, however the funding is not yet forthcoming from the Department for Transport, the 25% cut across government departments is holding back all spending until a full review of all planned works is undertaken. – Cllr Greaves in T&A.

We have written to Philip Hammond to express our concern about this and Kirkstall Forge, especially as Kirkstall Forge is partially funded by private money!

We remain worried about Low Moor station and will be campaigning hard with Metro/WYITA to ensure that the station does not fall off the list of priorities.

Cllr Greaves stated:

The Bradford worry, if that’s the right term, is Low Moor station. The funding for that was coming from the Regional Funding Allocation. That has been heavily cut so at the moment we don’t know where we are.
“What we have been told is that any spending of capital is at our own risk, so we are sitting on our hands until we know where we are.
The Bradford worry, if that’s the right term, is Low Moor station. The funding for that was coming from the Regional Funding Allocation. That has been heavily cut so at the moment we don’t know where we are.
“What we have been told is that any spending of capital is at our own risk, so we are sitting on our hands until we know where we are.
Just think, if Low Moor station had been rebuilt in 2001, we would have a busy passenger station, at half the current projected cost, earning revenue.

Grand Central Cancellations – Important!

Due to significant problems with one of the Class 180 trains used by Grand Central the following services will not operate:

Monday 28th – Wednesday 30th June 2010

10:22 Bradford Interchange – London King’s Cross

14:20 London King’s Cross – Bradford Interchange

Grand Central staff will be available at stations with information about making connecting journeys.

Overhead line problem in Keighley

Overhead wire problems are causing disruption at Keighley.

Because of this, buses are replacing trains between Skipton and Shipley, with journey times extended by up to 30 minutes. This is expected to continue until approximately 08:30.

Low Moor – Spending!

The WYITA today met to approve the payments of £53,000 for work undertaken in preparation for Low Moor Railway Station, the budget for the financial year 2010/11 is £850,000, with £4,597,000 planned spending in 2011/12. It appears that Low Moor might be finally on the way!

Complicated finance bit:
The new station is being funded by the West Yorkshire Strategic Programme of Schemes and not the from the Local Transport Plan (LTP) fund.

The LTP fund is designed for a road, bus, and rail spending. Low Moor station was already scheduled to be funded from LTP (£6,124,000). Moving it from LTP to WYSPS has saved this money, so the LTP’s overspend can instead by spend  on traffic management – £13million. (source here) a £28 million overspend.

DFT funding cuts affect carriages

Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport

As reported in the T&A, the Secretary of State for Transport has announced a suspension of purchasing new train carriages.

BRUG are obviously disappointed by the announcement, however we will lobby for the Department of Transport to reverse it’s decision, as stated in the NAO report, the PTE’s/ITA’s (Metro) are also strongly upset by the decision. They believe that their planning and their views have been disregarded.

However it is clear from the report that the previous Government and Network Rail have over specified the number of carriages:

The Office of Rail Regulation had specified that occupancy had to be reduced to 70% in Leeds, however Network Rail’s plan would have reduced occupancy to 59%.

BRUG will continue to push for improved rail services and capacity in Bradford and the West Yorkshire region. There is very limited capacity in Bradford and genuine demand for seats. We are campaigning for more seats and more capacity, not just wanting “nice looking trains”.

Director of PACE plc: backing Cross Rail

In comments to the BDO Stoy Hayward Yorkshire Report conference reported in the T&A, Stuart Hall, Chief Financial Officer of Saltaire based Pace PLC gave his backing to Bradford Cross Rail.

Cross Rail (X-Rail) – big quote soon!

The next meeting of the Bradford Rail Users’ Group will be held on Monday 7th June 2010, at 7.30pm at the Bradford Voluntary and Community Services, Sunbridge Road, Bradford.

We hope to have some big quotes to be able to provide on the website over this weekend!

London for 25% less this half term!

Take the kids to London this half-term with Grand Central!

Grand Central are offering a massive 25% discount on their fares from West Yorkshire stations on journeys to London Kings Cross.
This offer is valid between the 1st June and 11th June for travel dates between the 1st and 19th. Click here.
This discount is also available from thetrainline.com using discount code GC25OFF.

Tickets are sold subject to conditions as specified on the Grand Central website.

Cross Rail (X-Rail) – The Campaign

There have been many letters in the Telegraph & Argus in the last few days supporting the idea of the Cross Rail (X-Rail) link between the two Bradford stations. It has also been interesting reading those opposing the scheme – and their reasons!

We would like to ask everyone to write to their local Bradford Councillors (you have 3) and tell them you support the scheme and ask them to support the scheme in the council.

If you live outside of Bradford write to your local councillor (links at the bottom of the article) and tell them how X-Rail will improve not just Bradford but your local area as well. We will need support from across West Yorkshire to develop the X-rail scheme.

Our local MPs also need to support the scheme, find your MP here. You can write a letter or an email to push them to support the X-Rail plan.

We will have more information about the Cross-Rail (X-Rail) plan at our meeting on the 7th June 2010, address details here.

Councillor Information:

Calderdale, Leeds, Kirklees,  Wakefield

Cross Rail – The Petition

Sign the petition, the statement is short and simple: “I support the proposal for Cross Rail link in Bradford“.

Cross Rail (X-Rail) in Bradford

The plans are out, many of Bradford’s MPs support it. Will this now be the time for Bradford Cross Rail (X-Rail)?

The plans outlined here, followed up on Saturday here.

BRUG Chairman James Vasey,  speaking in the Telegraph & Argus:

It’s a very well planned proposal which has taken time, effort and money. It’s something the rail users’ group supports because it would be a new hub for transport in Bradford.

“We know we’re in a tight [financial] situation nationally, but if we can come back with a regeneration argument there will still be money around.

In the next few days, we will be gauging more opinion and expressions of support will be sought and published at our next meeting.

Previous suggestions for Cross Rail (X-Rail) have included a link between the two stations (similar to Manchester Piccadilly – Oxford Road). Arguments against those who think the scheme would be unsightly, please read this previous article.

A full presentation of the plans will be discussed at our next meeting: 7th June 2010, 7:30pm at Bradford CVS, Sunbridge Road, Bradford

lineside fire: Deighton (Huddersfield) to Mirfield

A line side fire between Deighton (Huddersfield) and Mirfield may cause disruption to services this evening.

Grand Central – Preview Service

Arriving at Bradford Interchange

Today, Grand Central operated their first passenger service from Bradford Interchange to London King’s Cross, the first direct service in over 30 years!

The service departed at 10.22 from platform 2 at the Interchange on its route via Halifax, Brighouse, Wakefield Kirkgate, Pontefract Monkhill, Doncaster and finally arriving into London Kings Cross exactly at our planned arrival time of 13:46.

Blessing of the train

At Kings Cross the train was blessed by the Reverend Stephen Sorby of the Railway Mission.

The preview service has been reviewed in the Telegraph and Argus, The Guardian, BBC News (Website).

Proud Grand Central Staff

No circumstance was left to chance, even one of the invited guest’s dog was served with his own bowl of water!

We welcome Grand Central to Bradford and can thorough recommend the service.

Services start on Sunday 23rd May at 7:52 departing Bradford Interchange.

More photos to follow.

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