Bradford CrossRail both reports

In the interests of fairness and to allow easy press reporting, both the Council’s CrossRail report and the Majority (of members) Report are available here:

Council report into Bradford Cross Rail

Working Group – Majority Report

Both reports call for the council to investigate protecting the route of the railway, calls for the council to lobby for better rail in Bradford and for a quick, fast and efficient link to any future HS2 station.

We know Westfield is major stumbling block, but CrossRail IS the opportunity to get Bradford’s economy back “on-track”.

Thanks must go to all members of the Cross Rail working group (and their families) for the hours that have gone into campaigning for the link and preparing the reports.


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  1. Has anyone carried out an assessment to compare the cross rail link through bradford city centre, to the stalled the linkage of the shipley-airedale road to the bingley bypass?

    By adding more local stations along the north-south link, how much commuter traffic would be taken of the congested roads? By allowing people to chose to take a regular and reliable public transport system that would not be hindered by the roads, I would assume the cost benefit would be significant and the environmental benefits high as only a short length of track would need to be built in comparison to a very long length of road…

  2. […] that they’d dislike even more having to actually change stations. Which is where the idea of Bradford Crossrail comes into the equation. This is a proposal to build a heavy rail link through the centre of the […]

  3. What a dreadfully half-hearted effort at a report. Sorry Bradford you will forever continue to be an economic backwater with ‘visionaries’ like this in charge of the place. Enjoy your new city centre pond and maybe in time the reinstatement of the18th century transport mode that is the Shipley to Bradford branch of the canal. Pathetic.

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