Magistrates Court knocked back, Cross Rail On-Track!

Bradford’s Magistrates court move has been knocked back by the Regional Growth Fund. This means that the Cross Rail route is still safe.

We do not understand why the council are so wedded to the idea of moving the Magistrates court to be located directly next to the Crown Court. What costs will be reduced?

We already have a number of empty buildings in the city that are need of renovation, that are already in public ownership, surely it would be cheaper to renovate those (Can anyone think of a site near the existing Magistrates that is need of renovation?).

Why not renovate one of the most outstanding buildings and put the Magistrates Court into the Odeon? – It is a sensible use of an old building. Some people may even see the irony of the plan.

Accepting that Westfield is currently stalled, Cross Rail will give Westfield the opportunity to bring new business into the city and maybe kick-start the project (The White Rose doesn’t have a railway station, Meadowhall does – which is more successful?). Westfield have even paid for Railway connections at their other centres. Bradford Council even have the authority to change the planning permission to increase the viability of Westfield. (Section 106A, Town & Country Planning Act 1990)

We need to spend this election season convincing prospective councillors of the benefits of Bradford CrossRail.

A regeneration project in Bradford that can provide employment in the city and access to employment across Yorkshire.

We will be speaker to prospective councillors in Bradford to ascertain their views.

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