“East Coast” to replace NXEC this Friday

East Coast TOC logoNXEC 9th December 2007 – 13th November 2009.


“Take the National Express when your life’s in a mess” – Divine Comedy

If it wasn’t true, it would be funny! National Express East Coast is to be returned to public ownership for their failure to pay the premium they agreed to in 2007, (which was higher than the previous operator GNER … failed to pay the premium they agreed to in 2005) – all patterns noticed are purely co-incidental.

From the 14th November 2009 ECML services will be operated by the Government. (London bound services from Skipton, Shipley, Bradford Forster Square, Keighley and Leeds)The services will continue to operate to the existing timetables, with the existing staff, trains and uniforms, however the external (NX) staff will not be retained. Fares will rise as per NXEC plans.

The service will be re-franchised in 2010 to commence in 2011. The company running the service will be “Directly Operated Railways” through a holding company East Coast Main Line Company Limited under the brand name of “East Coast”.

It is likely that “East Coast” will remain the brand name under new operators, similar to ScotRail in Scotland.

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