Low Moor Station – On Track – But Late

WYITABreaking News: Low Moor railway station has been saved in WYITA’s development plan, following a meeting of the executive this morning.
However it is not planned to be built until 2013/14.

BRUG congratulates WYITA for choosing to save Low Moor from amongst the other schemes and hopes that funding can be confirmed following the comprehensive spending review.

T&A Article available here.


Low Moor station – Back On! (Possibly)

WYITAWYITA is meeting on Friday 30th July to discuss a number of funding options, due to the planned shortfall in central government money.

Therefore WYITA’s spending plans have been rationalised …. and Low Moor is still on the plan! The station is estimated to cost of £5.5million based on their figures.

Metro may still be proved right about 2012 completion date for opening the station.


This could come crashing down in the Autumn with the Government’s comprehensive spending review, when all schemes are to be re-evaluated.

BRUG will continue to lobby both local and national government for the funds to bring this major transport improvement to Low Moor.

Cllr Pennington on Radio Leeds.

BBC Radio Leeds.Cllr Pennington has been speaking on Radio Leeds today (26/07/10) talking to Steve Bailey about the plans for an across Bradford rail link.

BRUG remain confident the Cross Rail plan is deliverable and affordable.

Cross-Rail Aerial map

Where would the Cross Rail line go?

Have a look at the Google aerial map here

Cross Rail – Feasible!

Mr Mac Ruairi

As we already knew, the regeneration department, led by Mr Mac Ruairi, have finally stated that Cross Rail is feasible!

Though it is also expensive, (we knew that), and there is no money (again, we knew that)

We were told that we needed to concentrate on Westfield, – we agree but Westfield would be in a better position with Cross Rail than without.

BRUG is continuing to campaign for the Cross Rail link. The link will provide fresh transport opportunities and real regeneration. Much better than a water pool.

Next meeting 2nd August 2010.

Repealing Laws

One of the many laws suggested from removal on the “Your Freedom” website calls for the repeal of the Railway (Electrical Power) Act 1903. View details here.

The removal of this law would remove a number of legal hurdles that “technically” exist that limit the speed of conversion and installation of electrical traction to the railways.

Railways should be electrified and should be planned to include electrification in the plans for all lines, removing the need for a public enquiry at each possible electrification site.

This law creates an unnecessary burden on rail operators and the government and should be repealed.

Low Moor Station for Government

The Government met at Odsal Stadium earlier this week, it would be have great if they had arrived by train at Low Moor and walked up through the industrial village up-to the station. Visiting local businesses along the way.

Instead the station isn’t built, planned finances are in trouble and the town remains languishing.

Low Moor needs the railway station as much if not more than the promised improvements to broadband internet access promised to residents by the Prime Minister.

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